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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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turkey and syria as closer to conflict with a fresh exchange of shelling across the border as ankara warns that war isn't far off. already police used tear gas and water cannon after crowds of pro-democracy protesters dishonor the nation's capital to push for more rides and hand to wall world. russia demands justice for twenty four year old student beaten half to death in a canadian detention center. and as many as well as outspoken socialist leader and he's young democratic rival kirov for sunday's neck and neck presidential poll we look at their track records and the mood of the nation.
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this is already life in moscow nonny of the russian capital. turkey has warned syria against making what it calls a fatal mistake by repeating strikes across the border and course forces fired back on friday in response to get another mortar strike no casualties have been reported in the latest exchange which comes just days after five turkish civilians were killed by syrian shelling officials say the two countries are close to all out war with ankara now authorized by its lawmakers to send troops into syria if necessary for mediators including russia are calling for calm and restraint this comes as fighting between government forces and rebels intensifies across syria with insurgents claiming to have shot down a military helicopter and the jet author and journalist have seen returns he says damascus. will retaliate if pulled into
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a broader conflict. we're getting these reports of this continued as it were a reaction from the judge government ok so one will face political problems at home but then why were they speaking with the iranians so in the past few hours talking about how this needs a diplomatic solution and not a military one if turkey continue under the rule that under the agreements made in volume this would draw in a way to situation a wider three as your old war and it risks expanding it. to be below syria and the people of turkey will not benefit from this major says that they'll defend any major member if turkey continue like this like syria might see itself getting increasingly desperate and retaliate with full force and then it's up to the united states and britain and europe be had major allies just figure out what to do. r.t. also spoke to the iraqi prime minister to get his stance on the development of the
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syrian conflict his interview and more extensive analysis. plus. a small farmer taking out of biotech giant as the u.s. supreme court agrees to review his appeal had online for details. police have used water cannon and tear gas to disperse hundreds of program form demonstrators in bahrain's capital manama the unrest came as protesters marched in a funeral procession for an activist who died in prison after allegedly being denied proper medical treatment people in the crowd began throwing rocks and petrol bombs when security officers tried to stop them doherty's have been cracking down on the opposition for twenty months but man it continue hitting the streets demanding equal rights and an end to the sunni minority around eighty people have been killed and thousands arrested including prominent human rights activists if you are job is now serving three years in. as for extending it an illegal
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demonstration for an piece side the sabi says there is hypocrisy in the way the west reacts to the unrest in bahrain. the problem and the double standard which practice by old those who student gantries. on those regimes who. let's say we relationship with them or probably they consider them as enemies but like old regime it's a part of the system they have lots of relationships they give them some let's say support. as one proves the basics on first presidencies they have the only from our country's doubts. about what's happening here although it's not clear. what's happening somewhere else still had for you the
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program of crime and confusion we forget how unsuspecting londoners are facing multiple final simply for a leading their everyday lives. a twenty four year old russian student remains in critical condition after being brutally beaten in a canadian detention center two months ago dennis tell a cough was arrested by advert on the allegedly threatening another student russia's foreign ministry has a man at an investigation into the incident calgary police have yet to bring any charges in relation to the assault sister of a police canadian authorities are being negligent. not as a first time it's very often it's happening all there and it's been a lot of sex but the accident with dennis in this raymond spencer is the worst i mean condition of his how he still lay down he's not eating not again the only he had acute in his throat and he's a great thing to this do you. pull your car is still far away from this fire. and
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it's a very slow one coming out of my students and i don't believe that even didn't try to reach even worse based on i can see now that they're not commenting anything and they absolutely they are not helping me was not there had to be justice you know to get even bigger like that and she does the rest of the rehab in here she might not qualify because he is you know the event in atlanta when there was a special governmental program and they can use it they have to pay for something and they have to begin with what canada did with him and i don't need money or whatever i'm one to be back to normal life i want him outside of canada on his own. and i can add for as and show action finally as predicted for sunday in venezuela the outspoken socialist leader that his young democrats rival have made their file pitches and the country has now entered
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a day of silence are often of his and caracas with all the pre-election draw. there's no question who these venezuelans will be voting for come in seventh if we are you are because we support our president chavez he does many things to help us housing education programs helping the poor everything here has gotten a lot better because of him everything has changed. their red shirts brand the mr beast as the lifeblood of the venezuelan president's leftist movement through out his fourteen years in power for the hundreds of thousands of supporters who gathered in caucus on thursday the message was clear they want six more years of hell come undone day. his supporters say that chavez is the country's first president to genuinely care about the lower class godric chavez is the punishment of the rich and the window of hope to. have them meeting under the banner of
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socialism for the twenty first century chavez has pumped hundreds of billions of petro dollars into the economy and government run aid programs along with earning him popular support poverty has fallen from fifty percent in one thousand nine hundred nine to around thirty percent last year yet life in this country is far from ideal and with the plague of unemployment climb and corruption many venezuelans are now saying it's time for shoppers to go but it looks like i'm one of those who voted for showbiz but he's time hispanic community change. in this race change means a vote for opposition leader and the kick up be this a forty year old lawyer who unlike chavez enjoyed a privileged upbringing. the son of a wealthy family that controls a media conglomerate and a chain of movie theaters. this is gained supporters by promising to keep on that falling unemployment and corruption but opponents have charged the capri this is deliberately hiding his real economic goals the candidates are. they couldn't be more different the chavez is the man of the people over he's come from this kind of
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poverty in their works trying to change that and the other candidate in reading your feelings is a man of the wealthy or the leader of the oligarchs who would implement privatization neoliberal accu around the austerity if it's a choice between two radically different worldviews a referendum and then as well as socialist experiment. and then do something. and then just it's a way of. going to get many times. the captain of the party or. us media coverage of the election in venezuela has been criticized as one sided against which obvious and author and alice bill fletcher says the incumbent leader is ideology has long been a headache for washington. it is because president chavez from the very beginning has been asserting the sovereignty of venezuela the desire to change the economic
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rules and this runs counter to the economic philosophy that comes are the united states so no matter what chavez has done at different points he ends up being a lame there's some sort of demon and we can remember in a coup of two thousand and two for us was quick to recognize the coup people and quick to denounce java's venezuela could be an example for other countries i mean here you have a country that is saying that neo liberal economics is failing the planet that the polarization of wealth which we see not just in one country not just in two countries but globally is completely toxic and must be addressed and that there must be a redistribution of wealth that companies cannot run roughshod over the rest of the planet i mean this is antithetical to what's been known as the washington consensus so in that sense the president president chavez is as
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a threat. now take a look at some other stories from around the world a mass rally set to take part in venice as people call for the region's independence from rome this comes after a violent clashes between students and the police broke out in several italian cities and the latest show of anger against prime minister mario monti spending cuts. despite government efforts italy continues to slide deeper into recession with a youth unemployment rate at thirty five percent. the u.s. defense secretary leon panetta has lashed out of the afghan president saying the country's leader should thank nato forces for fighting and dying for his country he is responding to complaints this thursday that washington is failing to go after militants based in pakistan the outcomes as the alliance continues to suffer so-called insider attacks in which afghans turn their guns on coalition troops some two thousand u.s. soldiers have lost their lives since the war began in two thousand and one. the
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world's top platinum producer has fired twelve thousand employees for striking over wages in south africa it's an attempt to choke away the mass walkouts that have seen the firm suffer a loss of over eighty million u.s. dollars the country's mining industry has been plagued by wildcat protest with some resulting in deaths just one day in august thirty four workers were killed during bloody clashes. now also to come this hour pre election excitement. so charged over all of it you know i mean it's almost like it's more than twenty four hours of coverage on everything on the eve of the u.s. presidential elections we asked the people in america how they would feel about the race for the white house and that's just ahead after a short break. we'll
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. science to. innovation all the latest developments around russia we've got the future covered. tucked in between the russian mainland japan and the sun coming island is the island of minute on named after french seafarer who discovered it it is described as the pride of the sakhalin region we'll take a look at what's in store for us here. until two thousand and four the island was part of the borders own and was completely restricted to visit to know this picture rest place is open to tourists unique plants and animals are its top attraction. really has been exploring the deaths of the world sees for several decades but it's
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here at more your own island where he has finally found what he'd been looking for . the water here is very clear the visibility is very good and the underwater world here is extremely rich i've been to many diving locations across the planet including the island of bali but mine are on top of my list while some go to the cycling region to enjoy the sights others convert the island's nature's riches into a healthy dollar it is home to the biggest seafood processing factory in russia the tonight shock hundreds of thousands of tons of fish get caught in the nets too late to produce delicious salamon caviar almost unnecessary attribute of any feast in russia the owner of the enterprise says a good fishing season can bring in more than a hundred million dollars net profit. and to a large extent this is old to do what succulent offers environmentally the tonight show operates in only and natural habitat and mild climate unique natural sights
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and delicious seafood succulent can offer a diverse holiday for those who are not afraid to travel ten thousand kilometers from europe the question is whether this distant land would ever be able to become a major tourist destination. if you. believe.
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world. markets technology innovation all the latest developments around russia we've got those huge earth covered. welcome back you're watching r t live from moscow drinking dog walking even feeding the birds all of timothy is now considered criminal in hundreds of london's parks the move has been slammed by civil liberties groups as an attack on personal freedoms while the government insists the ban is in place to tackle anti-social behavior are just there for us has more. here in this park in london if you all found drinking alcohol or growing up ball or even feeding the pigeons you could
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inadvertently be committing a criminal or civil offense surprise will serve a lot of people we're joined now by the appleton the creator of the google maps banned in london which sets out the people these zones in london where you could commit an offense the century for these activities that most people wouldn't see in right see pretty looted can you tell us more about what sort of things people should be looking out exactly and i think all these activities are things people consider to be quite ordinary so handing out leaflets having a drink in the park with your friends walking your dog we realise that over the past few years you've seen the growth of zones where quite ordinary activities are prohibited the banned in london map shows a will ping four hundred thirty five eight of these predications lines aimed at tackling and she say she behavior the might of been a good policy idea in theory has local people say and it up a very bad policy in practice meaning hardline crackdowns on the soft this of
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misdemeanors disconcertingly many bars in london have now high and private contractors to carry out the enforcement of these fines phil morris knows all about the after his local council hired actual services he received an eighty pound penalty for dropping a cigarette butt and that he maintains he didn't know it was illegal he refused to pay two for weeks later. for. just two x. four the private security and surveillance of the providers a so-called in full sprint offices in the u.k. contracted by some local councils first start the kitted out with cameras and uniforms but the tactics of pursuing these fines often seem far from professional or local store was. a little sleep with mine. on the
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way to do. we asked phil's local council for their response they told r.t. these new offices back up support for the public who are not with the actions of the minority who litter and move in the fowls. are litter and will not get paid unless the issue of find appropriately x. will only get paid if they find someone to find a fact confirmed by a glance at their website which just shows local councils that their service is risk free and they won't charge unless the penalties run surprising that the areas where x. will have been hired has seen a massive increase in the number of fines that a receipt and there's now concern over whether that is fair or ethical about the current ability of the transparency i recently dealt in the home affairs select committee which looks at these issues with the case of the london bar of new and
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which has law enforcement officers who are in fact cops officials but dress up like police have been promised mcnish is going to look into it because it's it's actually i think a criminal activity to pretend to be a police officer when you're not and i'm very concerned about how about that trend is going i think in the past it would be assumes that people knew the law that it was reasonable and so long as you weren't creating a problem then you could do what you like but increasingly it seems that that is no longer the case these findings may be surprising for some but the truth is these types of laws and offenses have been creeping up on us the some time now and they're actually growing in number so also the moment you can enjoy the parks in london but if you do not feed the pig in. the u.s. braces itself for the presidential election with polls showing there's little between barack obama and mitt romney and as the world continues weighing the possible outcomes of november's ballot our resident laurie harshness took to the streets of new york to find out what voters make of the race so far.
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the two thousand and twelve presidential elections why are they so boring this week let's talk about that. so tired of all of it you know i mean it's almost like it's more than twenty four hours of coverage on everything you know no matter what happens and nothing happened exactly having said that i think obama's going to win do you think he believes in himself as much as he did four years ago because he seems kind of tired he seems like he's a little frustrated i think he's more tired of me around me and just all of this like he just wants to get it over to november and just like ok give me you know my polls and let me when he says bored with the elections as we are very much president obama listening to the first african-american president i was so exciting no it's boring me again i don't know if there's going to be as much of a turnout for voters this year are you going to vote absolutely we're talking about
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the election you know. that i'm not american you guys don't let me now yeah we don't we don't let a lot of americans vote to you apparently why do you want to run don't you think either candidate can get it done i think there's too much corruption in the government i mean this should be important right. but how can it be a problem with money. there's no really a choice right it's one of the other and if by a really good option then what you did at the bush kerry kerry yeah i was just like i like which one do i like the least ok i'll use the other a vote of the other one yeah yeah so it's kind of the same thing as two thousand and four that maybe it's just like one of those here the new times a new age you need to support the people of your country is very important so is that what there is that what's missing this year neither of them are really speaking to the people yes the forty seven percent that came from romney now the
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thirty percent thing that came from ryan and. a lot of presidents telling us that they don't care about it right at this point a month away from elections i feel like they just wants to be to get it over with and they just want to hear more details of plans you get and get it over with and get on with it and do something because they do this now as things up. there the smart ones with all the millions of dollars do you think they get put on a better show right for whether or not you think this election is boring the bottom line is we only have about a month until it's finally over and we can all gladly move on. to watching r.t.m. exerciser is here next with his latest report. the sun rises over what seems like analyst forest but here in new directions crime
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hundred kilometers north of light of all stalk as in much of the world it's disappearing at a catastrophic rate. mockers both illegal and those finding ways to outsmart the system and filing down the forests of the region for them profit goes well beyond the future of our planet and the result could be an ecological crisis the world wildlife fund for nature makes regular trips to help local rangers do what little they can to stop the logging but it's not easy logger set up trucks making them hard to reach in an already rough terrain and have mastered ways to jump through legal loopholes this is a nature reserve were only sanitary logging of disease trees is allowed according to law and not a single berry can be picked but loggers like this use their sanitary logging permit to cut down absolutely healthy trees and sell the profitable timber over the
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border in china we are on the hunt for illegal loggers and it's not going to be easy to forests or is in our chances are slim now for now we can stay in our dreams but as soon as we find follett tracks we'll have to drop our wheels and get out silently in order not to scare the loggers off alexander someone in ca has been a ranger for over twenty five years he can spend weeks at a time tracking a single group of loggers easier to work when snow falls in autumn it's impossible to find human tracks and even transport tracks are hard to see after hours of driving we get sent in the right direction by word of mouth you can see that the ground is soft here which means that they've twelve the tractor trails are very fresh which in fact means that we need to be quite. in order to not scare them off as we get closer. if this team says they're illegal but have no
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documents now xander can now call the police to take over his work here is done he is overwhelmingly outnumbered there are too few rangers working in the promote the region and the w w f says the government isn't doing enough to stop it i guess the government now as they started city for more whole forest legislation so assumes the pals and so on we have gobs a new forest court and according to be a loaf over for us that's the guys in waltham in the in the forest through the still. forest courts still doesn't work just. as no one tries to stop them in just five years the force will be gone they'll sell it all to china what will the people who live afterwards do but it's a question more and more people are aware of today climate change in the safety of our environment as a whole are being discussed around the world and perhaps it's those small steps that might be a start to people living in harmony with nature. oh
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max kaiser a welcome to the kaiser report in today's headlines if you tell the truth about the dollar you will be derided debunked and destroyed whether you happen to be a brick of gold or a reading agency not on the payroll of wall street uncle sam wants you. if you do want to tell the truth stacey. yes max keiser there are currency wars reaching around the world the dollar doesn't want to be caught in the cross-fire basically at this point the currency global grid system you want to be the last one standing. well that's right they're going down one by one the currencies are collapsing we see this obviously and this report we're going to discuss them but you know the cons use that we're talking about there going down in
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the order of their vulnerability when you got there. the hyper inflationary chicken as you see this chicken is looking like it was hyper inflated away you don't want this in your country if you see the hyperinflationary chicken run that's why chicken why are you playing with my chickens we should be playing with my chickens most of my chickens well the chart of the day max gold versus the debt ceiling the chart is from ed yardeni and it shows quite a correlation for the past fifteen years max between the price of gold and the debt ceiling as you see as the debt ceiling goes up the price of gold goes up well you know i've been saying about this for a while that you have these arguments in the economist and you know the time of mccain's in a austrian i follow milton friedman it's all because at the end of the day what we have here is a collapse of these economies there's no economic school that covers it and the governments are simply creating more debt to handle the.


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